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Ethernet data transmission is limited to of 328ft (100m). However, if you install an Ethernet Extender you can increase the reach to 12.4 miles (20km). You can use single twisted pair ( CAT5/6/7 ), coax or any existing copper wiring previously used in alarm circuits, E1/T1 circuits, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CCTV and CATV applications.

In this video we will discuss the various Ethernet Extender options:
• Using SHDSL, the TC EXTENDER transparently extends data transmission up to 20 km.:

• Plug-and play 10/100/1000 Ethernet Extenders:

• Managed Ethernet Extenders for enterprise networks with AAA security:

• Industrial Temperature Ethernet Extenders for equipment in -40C to +75C operating temperatures:

• PoE Ethernet Extenders provide PoE PSE power injection or operate as a PD:

We will also discuss the importance of choosing an Ethernet Extender that is made with robust and reliable components. If you choose a low-end Ethernet Extender, the end to end connection on your network will always appear as if it is up and running, even though the connection may be broken or disconnected. All Perle Ethernet Extenders have an on-board microcontroller which deals with error detection and recovery by continuously monitoring the status of the links. If there is a break or failure in the link, both end devices become aware and react accordingly.