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Full Feature Presentation of New Years Eve Fireworks.

Published on Dec 31, 2015

Sydney fireworks viewed from Ballarat Park in Pyrmont 2015.

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Yes we do Business Planning, Web Design, Logo design and Bookkeeping.

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As another year is coming to a close, keen and confident people are hopefully relaxing and waiting for the clock to strike midnight, the fireworks to bang and the light to sparkle.

Presents have been exchanged with friends and family within Christmas. Shopping on Boxing Day was quite the event with voluntary shop openings.

Retail shops will have made the most bang for the buck as they would have allowed themselves, this I am sure

As we look back In the year we remember our accomplishments how great or small.

We remember our ministers and the tactics they have learned from obsessing over game of thrones.

we reflect over our countries productivity with familiarity. The Australian Televesion series: Utopia;

which is a satire but realistic mockery of our government and its owned corporations.

Australia can sleep (or not) with confidence as the new year is upon us and I and positive that many positive changes will happen for us and be made by us.

New Year Resolutions is my favourite topic for discuss.

here are my five resolutions:

Look after my girlfriend and her parents.
Wake up earlier, walk and stretch my back.
Stay as positive as I can and try to smile more.
Take more risks and give more opportunities to employees.
Make an effort to support new friendships, employees and new ideas.

Do you have a New Years resolution you would like to share with us ?

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